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Guides, comments, recommendations, other material, and Oxford Commas presented on the Sasara Wiki are for informational and entertainment purposes only.

The maintainers and editors of the Sasara Wiki make no guarantees about the validity, accuracy, and completeness of the content, though for the record we're also not going out of our way to deceive you.

This site is designed as a note taking site for Clara and Ruben, and should be treated as such. Practice reasonable caution, do your own research, and consult professionals if you're not sure.

By accessing this site, you agree to these disclaimers.

We also may or may not reserve the right to take possession of all your worldly goods and refer to you as Mr or Ms Biggles, thereby highlighting the absurdity of software EULAs and other disclaimers. But we probably won't, because we're nice people.