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The Sasara Wiki and its maintainers are not interested in your personal information, or tracking you.


The MediaWiki software running this site stores three cookies by default, a timestamp and two booleans. These are not personally identifiable.

The only people who have personally identifiable cookies stored are Ruben and Clara, the only people authorised to log into the site.

Advertising and tracking

The Sasara Wiki does not embed advertising on pages. Period.


The Sasara Wiki does not embed trackers on pages, and if you do, shame on you.


The nginx web server software running the Sasara Wiki stores default logs about accesses which include IP addresses, referrers, your browser, and other information. These are only referred to in the event of an attack, and are automatically rotated every 7 days.

If you're interested, the nginx site lists details about what information is stored by default.

These logs are never disclosed to third parties.


Please poke Ruben on Twitter for any clarification on the above points.